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Clients Reviews

"I am so happy to deal with consultants in Logo Crescent Inc. It had been a fantastic experience. The way the website was designed, was so professional. I am satisfied with the result."

Oliver Smith

"My Account Manager at Logo Crescent was quite professional and well-disciplined. My timings are odd due to my frequent traveling to China. But she went the extra mile and supported me in odd hours, advising me of what my ideal website should be like and taking my input. I am grateful for the performance overall."

Harry Taylor

"I appreciate the level of professionalism adhered to by the advisor. He was almost always available when I needed him. Thank You so much Logo Crescent."

Noah Williams

"The service was excellent. I couldn’t ask for more."

Jack Brown

"The final output of my logo design was simply awesome All my initial skepticism was gladly put to an end, once we received the final files of the Logo Design."

Mia Martin

"The website developed by the team is great. It carries all the functionalities. The menus and submenus along with the search bar for my fashion design brand and all the minute details done at an excellent level."

Eliza Wilson

"We wanted a perfect Logo Design that suits the purpose and goal of our startup. I am so glad that this has been done really well. Toby Edwards The design team perfectly used the different color shades in our logo design. The combination of color and design was simply incredible."

Charlie White

"The animated video perfectly conveyed our Brand story and gave a clear brand message in just 2 minutes. We really appreciate the Logo Crescent Team for their superior performance."

Jack Brown

"Our on 10th wedding anniversary, I just wanted to surprise my husband to create a memory of our first date. So Logo Crescent perfectly made an animated video that my husband was really surprised and delighted with."

Isla Taylor

"I am a loyal client of Logo Crescent. For every website tweaking, I always turn to them and they always do a marvelous job."

Erin King